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Changes to future Walks:

Due to bus changes on 3rd March, the following walk times have been changed.

Aug 18th has now been changed to the walk on Nov 17th
Nov 17th walk is now on Aug 18th   

The next one will have to be done in reverse because the connections will not work.
Oct 20th 09.40 No 218 bus to Bakewell. Haddon Fields, Birchover, Stanton Moor, Rowsley.
8 miles B            Barry and Cynthia Ashton
(Please note the change of bus route via Cemetery Road, Psalter Lane, Banner Cross, Ecclesall Road South, Abbey Lane then continuing as before along Abbeydale Road South).

DEC 8th 08.52 No 81 bus (Angel St) to Stannington etc.

Due to bus changes on 1st September, the following walk times have been changed.
Dec 15th 9.38 No 95a bus to Walkley etc.
Dec 22nd 9.45 No 52a bus (Church Street) to Admiral Rodney etc.