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Our Monthly Walk Programme - 2019

Please note: Walks are graded as  A = strenuous   B = moderate   C = easy

December 8th

08.52  No 81 bus (Angel Street)  to Stannington. Rivelin,
nage Edge, Fox House.
9 miles A
Leader: Len Jacklin

Please note change to bus time.

December 15th

09.38  No 95 bus to Walkley. Rivelin, Lodge Moor.
8 miles B
Leader: Michael Wells

Please note change to bus time.

December 22nd
09.45  No 52a bus (Church Street)  to Admiral Rodney pub. Dungworth,
Loxley Valley, Malin Bridge.
7 miles B
Leader: John Ulley

Please note change to bus time

December 29th

09.52  No 1 bus (Arundel Gate)  to Ecclesfield (Morrisons). Barber Wood,
Grange Park, Smithy Wood, Lane End.
8 miles B
Leader: John Ulley